This was truly a unique wedding and what struck me most is how Craig and Michelle were just themselves.  They were so comfortable and enjoyed their big day with their guests.  Their wedding ceremony and reception was hosted on Craig’s parents’ farm in the free state.  The sunflower fields were beautiful and the ostriches were grazing and the best surprise of all – the barn owl that was watching everyone from his corner.  So authentic and real.  I absolutely loved it! I can envision how their grand children will look at these photos and remember this wedding story.  They will see how the people before them were farmers and people that loved the outdoors.  To stamp your personality and what inspires you on your wedding day is so crucial.  You will never regret it.  :-)

I was lucky enough to have worked alongside the fabulous Laura J Gerber on this wedding.  She is a true inspiration to any photographer.  Thanks Laura!

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Now this is how you catch the garter !!

farm wedding_0061