A very important decision to make when planning your wedding is who will be my photographer? With the digital age there are so many photographers out there and many that does great work.  But the question still remains who will be the best photographer for you?  I know you have probably heard it before, but yes the photographs are the tangible thing you have left after your special day.  These photos will also be passed on to the generations that come after us. This is a wedding photo of my mom and dad from their wedding 34 years ago.  This photo is so special to me and every time I photograph a wedding I try to imagine the future for the couple.  I always say that photos’ value increase over time.  If this picture was not taken on my parents wedding day, I would have never knew how they looked like, but more importantly how happy and in love the looked.   I guess the emotion that I can gather from photo just takes it to the next level.

old wedding photo_0001

The world has changed to a much more visual place and I strongly believe that since everyone is looking at many photos every day on social media, you can tell more or less the difference between a good or bad photo.  So this post is not going to be about any technical talk.   Instead we are going to focus on which photographer is going to be right fit for you.

  1. Look at their website
  • Make sure you like what you see.
  • Try and look out if the style of the photos stay consistent. This shows professionalism and that the photographer has an established style.
  • Do you like the way people look in the photos? Do they look natural and comfortable?  It takes a specific skill and experience to let people feel at ease in front of the lens.
  • Look at a wedding being photographed from the beginning to the end. See if you like the way how the photographer tells the story through photographs
  • Read testimonials from past bridal couples

(All the photos of me was taken by my good friend Melanie Wessels)

how to choose the right wedding photographer_0002

  1. Follow and read their blog
  • By reading some ones blog, you can already see a little bit of that person’s personality. See if you like and resonate with what they have to say
  • Most photographers share wedding day experiences on their blogs. If you can relate and see yourself in one of their past brides shoes, you might be a good fit.


  1. Follow on social media
  • By following a photographer on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) you will definitely get an idea of what this person is like
  • You will see what this person’s interests are and what their style is


  1. Look at printed work
  • We live in a digital era, but I think that a photo or album in print is magical.
  • Set up a meeting with a photographer you like and ask if you can look at some of their work in print

how to choose the right wedding photographer_0003

The most important thing is that you should get along with your photographer.  Your wedding photographer is one person that will be with you most of the time on your wedding day.  You should try and imagine how it will be to spend a whole day with this person.   Do you enjoy their company and very important, do you trust this person to capture your wedding day story.

Many past brides will tell you that they were so happy with their photographer because of the way the photographer made them feel.  They will explain that the experience was wonderful and that they are so glad that they chose not only a photographer, but a person that also experienced their big day with them.  If you can find someone that puts their heart and soul into making your day perfect, you must know you found the right photographer for you.

how to choose the right wedding photographer_0004