Inspiration is such an uplifting word.  If I can source inspirational ideas every minute of every day, I will absolutely do just that!   The great thing about inspiration is that there are no boundaries and you often discover it from places you never expect to find it.  Sometimes it can be a pain as well. When your head is just blank and you can think of nothing.  You tell yourself that you don’t have a creative bone in your body and that you are the most boring person on the planet.  Well, I can assure you that you are telling yourself lies and that I believe every person has inspiration to share to the world.  You just need a method to unleash all those beautiful, fabulous ideas.  It IS certainly in everybody. Kamersvolgeskenke market wedding inspiration_0003 Kamersvolgeskenke market wedding inspiration_0004 Kamersvolgeskenke market wedding inspiration_0005

Your wedding is a time to get those creative juices flowing.  Maybe you have a job where you work with numbers and contracts the whole day, but for this event you can let loose and do whatever you want.  No rules, no regulations, nothing has to add up (all right maybe the wedding budget, but let’s just pretend for a minute that, that is not an issue.. ;-) )

Surely the top place to find inspiration is online and I will not disagree that it is a great source.  My suggestion is to break away from the internet world for a couple of hours and just absorb what you see, hear, taste, smell and touch.  With the internet we can only use 2 of our 5 senses (eyes and ears).  What about our skin, nose and tongue ?

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Visit markets

Make an outing of it!   Invite your bridesmaids or friends with you and go to a market.  Not only is it quality time spend together, but you can be certain to find really good ideas

Reasons why markets are a great resource for wedding inspiration 

  1. There is a creative energy that you can only explain when you have been to a really good market. This is a huge boost for creativity.
  2. Many things will be handmade and not generic.
  3. There is good food! Great tastes and sharing food with your friends will spark the inspiration channels.
  4. You can talk to the exhibitors at the market. They can share very valuable information with you.
  5. Sometimes you will find live entertainment and great musicians. Maybe you like what you hear and they can perform at your wedding.

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What to do at the market to get the best value from it

  1. Go to the market with an idea of “ I am looking for ideas for guest favours “

or “  I am looking for décor pieces for the tables “

or “ I am looking for interesting socks/ties for the groomsmen “

or “ I am looking for amazing hair pieces for the flower girls “

by narrowing down more or less why you are there will keep the focus and not you liking everything you see. :-)

  1. Keep ALL your senses alert! Look for colours that you like.  Look for things with textures that you like.
  2. Take photos with your cell phone and build your own pinterest inspiration board. :-)
  3. If there is something you really like, make sure to collect the business card of the exhibitor. If you are perhaps going to buy from them, you might need to place an order some time ahead.

Feel free to mention some great markets you have been to.  Hope to meet you at the next exciting market!  :-)

Markets that I can recommend (check their time tables to see when they are open)

Kamers vol geskenke   (all the photos in this blog post I took when I visited Kamers vol geskenke)

Irene Market

Fourways Farmers Market

Rosebank Sunday Market

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